Wednesday, September 28, 2016

About Me

Hi I'm Lexi. I'm 15 years old. I've grown up in Fortuna my whole life, and I haven't really gone to far from home. But I've always been interested in traveling. I love learning about new cultures and learning about different peoples beliefs. I've always have loved school because I get to learn and meet lots of people along the way. I am a very social person, I can go up and talk to almost anyone. One of my favorite things to do is karate. The style I practice is called Goju Ryu. I've been doing it for about five years and I still have so much to learn. There is never really an end, almost everyday I learn something from one of my katas (forms) that I learned years ago. I think that's the reason I love it so much.

I've always loved helping others. I did Girl Scouts for eight years and I got to help my town become a better place. My troop and I would pick up the trash we found around town, we would help set up community events, and we did a lot more community service. I help out the people at my dojo (karate school) with anything. Weather it was something related to karate, or they had a problem going on at school and didn't know what to do. I am currently learning ASL. ASL is American Sign Language, with this I hope to become an interpreter and help people who need it.